[Review] Revlon Brilliant Strenght Nail Polish Tantalize



Recently get random nail polish…

I dont have plan for buy Revlon nail polish actually , i just come for looking how look like Revlon at China , and its kinda crazy! All product Revlon is super expensive , even more expensive than Revlon Indonesia. Almost all Revlon product at China price is around 100 RMB. Its quietly expensive for me than insifree or even mayberline

Dont know why i decide to buy this nail polish. Is not pretty color it hink , is weird color. You know color who really rarely you see. Somehow i like this color at that moment , but after i buy and try dunno i kinda regret to buy




Color is look like gold and green together , and have some sparkly. When i see at counter i just think is really cute color. But after buy i really regret. Is no matter match with my skin or no , but is weird because i dont know how to wear this nail polish for first.

And seriously not because only color , price is kinda suck. Is 100 RMB. If i buy inisfree nail polish i can get 3 nail polish but now i only get 1 nail plish and color is kinda suck for some reason.

Here result



I know is not look like bad , but still regret why i buy this nail polish

For texture i can said is more liquid than inisfree nail polish. And if you want result like this picture i apply around 2 or 3 times. Because if you only apply 1 time is very thin so you must apply 2 or 3 times for better result



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