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Hi… i think it quietly long since my last post laa… Anyway im fine , and actually i dont have any big think to post this day , beside i have plan for made video november favorite , and yeah i already made list but i release is not much. Even like that i still hope you will be like.

Anyway , maybe some of you know im really love writing and watching but beside that i actually have another hobby


Believe it or no , i really love reading so much. I dont have specific book i like it , but mostly is tell about inspired or good story laa , some of best seller.

Called reading i think is kinda my stuff , think i never get tired at least until now. I started like reading maybe primary high school , i started like reading comic , until now , i stll like reading comic , novel , and good book. So in the end i almost like reading beside newspaper. I just think im kinda feel boring if i must reading newspaper , but i reading almost everday. is online news from Indonesia laa , some of their news is kinda interesting for read , so i read and check everyday.




Anyway yeah… all picture in this post is just illustration , and more like photo shoot. Actually i not read book in this picture , i just get random on cafe when im hang out with my friend.

Decide to take a picture for illustration about my stuff , and it quietly old picture , you can see my hair style laa. My lazy finally gone , so i can edit this picture and post it.

Yeah i think i take a lot time to made decision for edit and post it. How lazy i am?




But seriously this photo session quietly like it , because my stuff , book i show is called The Sex Box. I already ready summary is quietly interesting , but i dont have any enough time for reading , so i just taking a picture. Maybe i will buy this book someday if i get.

My friend when see this book , directly give to me , because she think im will be like see this book. Im like , i dont like its interesting. But dont think im pervert la. I only said its interesting!

Some of her picture





Finally i said i miss hang out with her. She the only close friend i get from SH. I cant imagine if she not exit how kinda of my life style in SH.

Anyway the cafe i visit today with her , in this picture is quietly nice laa… I forget where , but i can said it nice. I get cotton candy at there , and see a couple who chit chat together , so lovely dovely , envy lorr!!!


Anyway i dont know what i should write again , ahahaha i just wanna show you my picture? Or maybe tell you i like reading. For some reason still good laa…

Reading is good , and maybe one think i never tired for rest of my life.

For the end this post , okay i kinda weird… But okay la even weird i dont care , i will end this post with all my picture… Selfie…Selfie… Dont care , excuse my selfie





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