Home Still The Best

Finally! Finally….
I come back home. Seriously im come back too early , because one and two problem so i come  back home. And seriously its not good reason for come back.

I always pray to come back soon as possible , and im come back really  early but because the reason i hate , feel super suck!

Anyway… forget about reason im come back , and lets move on….

When im come back , one thing i really want , hang out!
Hang out with family and of course my best friend!!!!!

Im really really sad when i can meet  my friend which school in Singapore because if the time period right , im come back and right time , i cant meet him. But because im come back early, so i can meet him. Its really one of a lot of think i can feel glad because im come back early.


Decide to eat sushi together , because we sushi love!
Yeah im official sushi fans! HAHAHA

Actually one of our friend , called jotha or nemo , she must come with us. But because one and two problem so she cant made it , so only tree of us. Even with her , we still have fun together , chit chat , laugh , in short world we really have fun!

Great friend , Great time.

Our Sushi!!!!





Actually  i have fun story behind this picture… or at least all food picture….

Okay first , we really hungry when we come here. We order food as soon possible , but the food really TAKE A LONG TIME. So we decide to order another thing from sushi bar..

and TADAH….!!!



We really forget to take picture. Who care we really hungry together!!! Eat first thinking later. HAHA

Beside meet them for first time , the other think its special is , if you realize im show my self with my glasses. Its real glasses not fake , yeah my eye is not good so i wearing glasses. But seriously i really often hang out wearing glasses i always wearing contact lens , but because my contact lens get problem so i must wearing glasses , i dont have any other option. HMPH…

But for seriously ,  i think its not that bad wearing glasses this time , so yeah like usually my selfie…

Excuse my selfie pleasee…. HAHA





So glad i have awesome friend like that , i can share everything with them without worry. And beside them i can be my self , talk whatever i want , laugh together. No more sad

Come back home its really awesome and still the best. Whenever i am , for me home still the best thing for me. But if my home should gone , i just home people around me is not gone. Home for me is the place with person i love no matter where i am , if i have person i love which mean its home.

How about you? What are you think about home? What home mean for you?


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