[Review] Winni Pink Contact Lens

After couple week dont have any post at all
Now suddenly i have a lot of think to said , post and stuff. Its super typical of me.

Anyway first all… Before i say what i want to say , HAHA. I want introduce my friend , my close friend. Jea. She already made a blog! Finally! I beg her to made one , i dont know why. I think it will be fun have close friend and have blog same with me , maybe we can share together

Please kindly to stalk her blog


Photo 31-12-13 23.16.55

Okay what else….???Such as a weird opening , but like seriously i dont know how to open this topic or post , so please endure my weird…

Like couple month before i buy a pair of contact lens , like you know my eye is not good… So i order just buy looking a picture not even try it okay! I buy pink contact lens , is not my first time i buy pink contact lens so i feel ready wearing it.


I really forget what type this contact lens , but its come with pink color , and when i see a picture its super pretty pink color , and i think it will amazing if i waring it.

Lets see packaging




Packaging look like normal , come with pink and you can wearing until 1 years , 365 days. Its quietly a long time right. And its from korea , it made this contact lens plus. Everything about korea this time is really amazing , and i kinda feel like if product come from korea , just have feel like that la…

Packaging its quietly nice ,  you know its keep our contact lens safe and their packaging look like some japan contact lens. So its nice.





When come to Indonesia is really hard to get cute contact lens like this with minus . Is rarely , a lot of shop sell contact lens with cute color and design only normal. And i just say WTF!

But at SH almost all cute contact lens have minus , so i dont need worry. And their service is quietly nice. Only need 2 days and i get the item , so i really love it.

Get contact lens with kinda packaging like that is good , made our contact lens safe. But it totally hard to open. You must sacrifice your nail.


Its what happen with my nail when im try to open this contact lens , pain and hard like HELL!

Seriously , i never think it will be bright. But yeah its really bright , bright pink. Before i buy pink contact lens and its look normal , but this time , my pink contact lens look not normal , its so bright a bit scary.


Yeah me either shock when im see my self wearing this contact lens , the color is really outstanding and i feel a bit scary see my self using this contact lens.

But i dont want to deny i think this contact lens its pretty cool! AHAHAHA

More picture….





Super close


Even when i first time i wearing i feel not confident , but i still wearing , because i rip the contact lens before , and i dont have any contact lens beside this contact lens.

So i dont have choice , i wearing this contact lens. But just need time , until i feel confident and really like this contact lens. And yeah i think its feel cool when wearing this contact lens , beside maybe a lot people will stare at you. Because your eye color is too much weird or in my dictionary i said its cool

In the end i will summary about this contact lens if you really feel so lazy to read all my crap.

Good Point

  • Super comfortable , it feel you dont wearing any contact lens
  • Come with different type and color , so you can choice whenever you want and you think its good for you
  • Cheap around 200 RMB and you can wearing for 1 years , i think you can said its cheap

Bad Point

  • Hard to get , so far i never see this contact lens outside China or Korea.
  • This color i dont recommendation for you  , because is a bit creepy. If you dont really like weird style or dont like people stare to you is not good choice for you , you can choice other color.
  • Its hard to open , i must sacrifice my nail



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