As you know , if im come back i do many thing , mostly beside working and of course blogging , what i do is hang out with my friend. Close friend.

And here we go , its my turn to hang out with nemo. Kekeke super have fun hang out with her. Always have fun spent time with her , we share a lot of thing and moment together. Spent time with her is really fun , we really match together. And for my honest opinion im always LOL if i hang out with her.

And yeah this day actually my first hang out with her , only two of us. And we decide to go to cafe who sell some mexico food , like taccos and stuff.

She suggest me to come here. Hang out with her which mean im accompany whenever she want to go. And here we go…

Mexico food that day




Main dish which i forget name  , is not that good.And its expensive i think around 10 USD but its big portion and maybe you can share with your friend if you want order like that , and they have different size and different type of that thing so you maybe you can choice which one good for you. I said is not good because is not match which my taste but you can try it if you really want to know how taste mexico food

And the tacos is really damn good! I really love , but for me i think its quietly expensive for small portion of tacos is cost 2 USD

But the atmosphere this cafe which i forget the name too (sorry…) is reall good. You can chilling for a long time here. Seriously its super cozy cafe!



Some random picture of Nemo Kekeke


Really random picture



After eat proper meal mexico food , we decide to grab some dessert. And of course our taste is same which mean our favorite place for eat is same too! So we decide to go to Harvest for grab our dessert. And as always harvest never ever to upset us with taste. Is super good damn yummy!

oreo cheese cake our favorite!




Actualy is not donut , i dont know the name , propel name for this. But its look like donut right? So call it donut , its cinnamon , taste is more look churos for me , its good and its new. I think its kinda bit churos ahahah still with churos. But its good too!

Harvest cake never ever to made me disappointed!

Hang out with Nemo always come be culinary hang out. We really like to eat together , try new stuff in the end we just come to starbucks for chilling . Typical our hang out day. But this day i really wanna stop come to Starbucks for one or another reason , i just want stop it. Ahahahaha





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