Its typical me , or all teenager in Bandung. Whenever we have new cafe we will go and check that place  , how good that place. Try to  be ‘exist’. HAHAHA . And seriously im not that ‘exist’ person , not that too much. But check new place is my one my hobby too , and yeah a lot of good review about this cafe , so why not to give try…

But honestly its not my first time come to here , okay first time come to Bene at Bandung. But before im come a lot to Bene when im at Shanghai. But this time is in Bandung , so different case la. So here we go… For first time go hang out with girls to Bene.




This place is quietly nice la. Is not same like in Shanghai , but yeah almost their menu is same , like ice bingsoo . But other is not same la. Interior is nice to , super comfortable , you can enjoy here for long time for chilling.


Get nice mojito for Nemo because she cant drink coffee. And this one is one my suggest , because is one of my favorite drink at here. And its nice , nemo like too. Mojito original here is really damn good. You must try if you come to here.


and Rachel order some hot latte , unfortunately i not try and im forget name. I dont know how taste but Rachel said is really nice la!



And for me i get Mint Latte , is damn nice! One of my favorite drink too , and for some note. Is more cheap than Starbucks. Large size is around 4 USD , and taste is nice laa!




And for food we order Honey Cheese Bread. Is really weird taste because cheese and honey mix together. But somehow is really perfect match. If you cheese lover you must try this one!




Price is around 4 USD and it think the portion is enough , not small. So you can share with your friend. I doubt if i can eat all by my self . I think i cant do that. Is too much. So yeah for that price and you can share with friend i think is good.

The order thing we can lost and forget is Bingsoo…!! Actually we want Green tea one , but i dont know why we get red bean bingsoo , for some mistake we get different thing. But i think is still nice.



Get big portion of Bingsoo with only 4 USD , is damn nice! And the read bean is really a lot! If you really like red bean you must order this one. Im big fan of red bean , and of course i will said is damn good!

Like i said this bingsoo have big portion. Even we share to 3 person , we still cant eat all. Maybe because we order a lot of thing , so we cant eat all. But seriously is really a lot….





Some random picture capture by nemo when im searching some red bean in big bowl



Sorry Rachel for upload this picture , but seriously you look super funny  and for me im look good enough HAHA


Hang out with girls always is super fun , even i like hang out with boys too , or mix. But with only girls is the best thing. You can share  A LOT of think , and we really have a lot of topic when we hang out together.

Never feel more fun like hang out with my girls






If you release our clothes is same , tank top and with strip. Seriously i really shock when i pick up them. Because we not made a promise using like this clothes. At not me , they made a promise before they want wearing strip clothes. But for my case im dont know. Is really weird something like this could happen , maybe is called miracle?

Random picture










After all im like Bene. Their coffee , food and ice si pretty good. Of course with good price too! And their cafe is damn nice , you can enjoy chilling , chit chat with friend for long time.

If you interest to come to Bene you can go to Dago. I dont know excatly the address but is before Golden Monkey or TBI dago. Is easy to find , because is new is firs time come to Bandung , so will a lot of car around Bene. So you can find easy.

I suggest you to check out this cafe if you come to Bandung. You will not regret la….!


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