Deserve or No

Life is weird

Talk about life is interesting topic for me. I dont know i really like talking about life , you know life what happen around you and what people thinking , how people thinking like that and stuff. For me is interesting topic , topic you never end to talk…

And today  i just wake up around 8 AM and thinking about life. Thinking something about life is really big stress for me , even is interesting but somehow i feel stress full.

With sleepy head , i scream for come back to sleep again because is really good for sleep , is cloudy outside and still morning but im push my self to wake up because i have promise with nemo for go with her. So i must wake up , but before wake up i decide to post what i always thinking.

“I Dont deserve a lot of love like this , im just nobody without any special ability why i have a lot of love…?”

I talk about my parents. In case you really curious why i suddenly talking about something heavy like this in morning. But yeah… Is about my parents. I get a lot of love more than i deserve ,  i really curious how can like this. Im not good kid , but im not bad kid too yeah i not always listen what they said , i even make them upset for A LOT of time. But i think is normal , i think its outside a lot of child like me. Is it? HAHAHA

Even no one more worse than me , okay lets say im worse. But seriously i get a lot of love from my parent , A LOT than i deserve.

But this case is not only for parent. Sometimes you will see you will love someone so much , like Boyfriend / Girlfriend. Even a lot of people around you , said forget he/she because she/he not deserve have your love.  But without care you will love them like crazy. Is always happen. Around me too.

And this case im just curious for who you read this love someone without care anything just love , give he/she a lot of love , even people around you said he/she do not deserve , why you do this?

“Why you give A LOT someone who not deserve your love?”
“Why i get A LOT of love even im not deserve for that?”


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