[Review] Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil

Xmast already gone… Yeah i know… but who not love xmast? Im love xmast , xmast mean holiday! I love holiday so which mean i love xmast

Even xmast is already gone , but i think you still can get xmast item , or yeah some shop still sell thing have xmast smell. I dont know outside but in Indonesia some shop still sell item who actually sell around xmast.

And recently i bought thing from Body Shop have xmast smell.


I get cranberry joy home fragrance oil , honestly i dont want buy this product. Because is xmast and this day not xmast laa , i already gone xmast. But they dont have normal edition , they only have special edition which mean cranberry , so i dont have other choice so i buy this one sine im need to buy fragrance oil.

And its cheap for product come out from Body Shop , is cost 6 USD. I think its pretty good price.



Smell is really good , like cranberry smell. Sweet and super like xmast day , even is not xmast anymore. But suddenly i feel not regret to buy this thing. Why?

I can feel or at least smell xmast everyday… Really… When im using this one , OMG i can feel this day is xmast even yeah is not xmast day ! Is made everyday feel like xmast

And one thing i like is cap bottle. Is same like The Face Shop nail polish remover caps. You must press first and open bottle. So is safety , dont worry to broke this bottle.


After all i thing is not that bad buy Cranberry , better than Ginger. I dont know who want to buy Ginger one , for me i dont want it. Smell is suck. This one smell is very very good , super yummy

But i dont want to using this one everyday , dont know i feel wanna throw up if i smell cranberry everyday. I will mix with other smell. Maybe i will use cranberry on weekend hope for beautiful weekend like xmast


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