Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday Mom!!!

Thx for all thing you give to me specially LOVE…. I dont know how to express my feeling how i feel grateful have mom like you… Thx for God who give my mom life… good life until now…

Never enough to said thx for what happen in my life who already give from GOD… Thx GOD….. Thx for everything… I mean it.

Because is my mom birthday we decide to go eating together… And this year we invite our grandmother… Before we never have party with grandmother why? Because we not life with her , but now we life with her so yeah we have grandmother for this time

In our tradition when you birth day you should eat noodle for longevity. But that day we change noodle to pasta… is same type but different come from.. but in the end same type laaa..

First we decide to eat chinese food at the best of the best restaurant in town…
Im not lie its really the best….!!!!


Hakau , Chiken Feet , Pecking Duck , Dove Soup , Dumpling , Buns and last not least Shrimp Dumpling

All food is damn good , im not kidding… Is really good , and not expensive. Seriously its the best chinese food in town… All my family member love eat here!

We celebrate mom birth day is super simple , just eat good food a whole day… For me even is simple is damn nice.. To hang out with family member , go to nice place eat good food. Is quality time with family.

Our lovely grandmother




Birthday Woman… She damn happy that day.. Love you mom!!



Mom and Daughter different era talking together , look they super happy




My super woman…


Our couple that day



A lot of thing happen in my life , from good thing to bad / worse thing…
I dont regret with all happiness and pain i get for 20 years i live… I treasure them , they made me like now… All thing happen made me to be better person. Seriously , with that all i dont know how jerk i am now

Before i never ever to treasure my family , i feel lazy to hang out with my parents. Like very seriously… Im jerk person..
But now im not that person anymore…Since my sister die , i know they really important for me , im not ready to lost them , even i know someday i will lost them , but even i know im not ready

Im curious is in this world have somebody ready to lost someone who really important for her/him for rest of life?

For my case no one who ready to lost someone who important for her/him , most important that person is family , best friend , or someone who really have a lot of meaning for her/him. Because that moment , i decide to give my time for family , because i dont have second change to preview all thing , i will do everything for them i dont want feel regret in the end , do the best now and maybe i can feel relieve when they gone…

Everything happen for reason….
Someone come to you life for reason too , they wanna teach you something. Same when they gone they want to teach you something



Last not least thx for my grandmother , who always to care to me , always support and give me a lot of love. Im really grateful have a nice grandmother like you….

I pray for your health and your happiness…




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