Feel New

Cant believe tomorrow already New Year Lunar again… Time go so fast lorrr…And which mean today is lunar new years eve. Hmmhhh my mom is super crowded this time , she super busy to prepare about lunar new year. My family will be super crowded when new year lunar , is our traditional to celebrate lunar new year proper as we can….

What we do actually is same every year. Get new clothes with red color as you can , but for my case i dont suitable with red color so i change with some other bright color , tidy up house and of course room too , pay all debt if we can… in short world we finish what we must do last year , and started all when new year lunar.

When i was kid i love new year lunar. I think nobody hate lunar laa especially when you kid , when lunar you will get a lot of money from angpao. So nobody hate lunar new year. In my case me too , im still love lunar because money. But now i think my perspective already change lunar is not about money or angpao , is about family. Only one time for year for sure you can meet all relative and i think is super fun! Dont you thing so?

This new year i prepare new clothes not only for me too , but for my baby too…


Recently buy new case for my baby macbook. Before  dont use any case for my macbook. But now i decide to buy because is cheap. I get from IG and i can said it cheap only 13 USD you can get cute case for you baby… They have a lot of color but i decide to get blue one , and i actually i see the orange one and is super cute adorable… Thing for buy orange because im freaking crazy with orange but maybe next time la



Buy new case can make you feel you have new gadget..
At least is what always i feel when i buy new case i love and apply it to my baby.  I feel i have new baby. Is really good feeling , feel your gadget new just only buy case

I buy this case come with plugin , but im not using plugin , i only using in this pic , but when im using im not using any plugin. But i suggest you to put plugin when you not using your macbook




Same blue my plugin and my case… Made my baby more look cute than not using. I just wonder why im not buy case from long time ago. Beside its cover my baby it can made my baby look more cute. But maybe its too expensive in shop for case macbook is cost around 25 something.

I dont dare to buy only for case 25 USD something

The shop i buy actually they have package for mac book case , come with plugin and keyboard soft case , or whenever you want to call but i dont buy it , because i already buy before. And its expensive it cos 21 USD for keyboard soft case. So i decide not buy any of keyboard soft case this time. Using the expensive one i bought to made me feel little relieve



Yeah because i buy not one package so the color is different… Soft blue with blue aqua.. Hmmm… But yeah its better same blue than is not same , feel weird laa

But even is different im very seriously love with my new look of my baby. Is look cute and adorable , feel like i have new baby even actually is same LOL






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