Gong Xi…Gong Xi…

Gong Xi… Gong Xi… for you who celebrate Lunar…
Lunar time is always be my favorite special day , in this day you get a lot of money for who still single like me , and other thing hmmm you can meet all your relative. Is hard to meet all your relative if you have big family like me. So is really good time , spent time with your family is all you need

Like every lunar time , i spent my lunar new year eve with my parent , we eating together and go to temple for pray. Pray for everything we get for 1 years , is important.

But this lunar new years eve a little bit different , after i spent my time with my family and go temple for pray. Me and my close friend decide to eat dinner together. Yeah is late dinner , but who care laaa.

We decide to Lacamera , is new cafe in town but im just falling in love with this cafe , beside is interior is nice food is damn good too! My favorite is pasta here , and coffe and mojito too… anyway all thing here over all is good la ,




Like i said my favorite from Lacamera is Pasta and Jul favorite is sweet Pancake , im not big fan of Pancake so i dont have any comment for pancake , i thing all pancake or waffle is same

Get some Pomodoro Pasta (my favorite) and for Jul she order Green Tea Waffle





I suggest you to try out this new place if you drop to Bandung. You must try this one , they service is nice 5/5. Food 5/5 and price 5/5. I think i give a perfect score for this place , yes i do.. So try out Lacamera , and you will be like it. If you interest here i give you address

Lacamera Coffee
Naripan 79 , Bandung West Jawa.

Other reason why you must visit this place , everyday they have such a greet deal for you. So go to there and see what greet day will you get at day. And if you really love coffee just go there directly because they coffee is not kidding good.

Back to my story….

Seriously at that time we go to 3 place , and almost all we go is close , only Lacamera who still open until 11 PM. I already said to my self if Lacamera close we just directly go to MCD , im sure MCD still open at that time.

Anyway… Guess who come with us? I think you must be already know if you always stalk my blog.. Yeah no one else our little sister Jea… Hmmmh miss her huh?



See her silly acting… She really sill and somehow a bit annoying. But she nice.. Go started to stalk her blog imjesskim. You will be like her or no…???

Grab sometimes with your best friend on lunar new year eve is really good choice. I think we will spent out lunar new year in future too when we getting older. Best friend is family too right?





Good friend in Good time such a wonderful day



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