Get Good Thing From Market

Im typical market girl , i dont like go buy food or other thing in traditional market , i more like modern market because is more clean and sometimes you can get special deal if you have a member card or using credit card for some bank.

Shopping in mart must with mom , it more have fun and is one of our favorite activity at least one time per week we go shop together for one week. We buy food and yeah a lot of stuff. Normal people go to mart one time per month but for my case one time per week , dont know why one month too long maybe for us?

At this time we go shop to one of market who sell a lot of import product. And guess what i get a lot of nice thing here. Is my first time to go here since im come back , and big surprise they have a lot of good import product specially food! Who doesnt love food if come is snack!?!

Im big fan of snack , so no wonder if i never getting slim T_T

You know what before i only can get Kit Kat on online shop , but guest now , i can get kit kat from mart! Super excited because im big fans of kit kat , and now i can get kit kat super easy and for price is not expensive same like i buy online!

I get 3 different taste of kit kat!






and last not least my favorite one green tea!



If talk about Japan snack they always come with how many kcal each. Its really good , so you can know how many kcal you already consumption per day.



They dont have different taste , but is really not bad at least they have green tea one of my favorite and other my favorite is cookies and cream sadly they dont have , but who care i can try out 2 different taste which is vanilla and stawberry. I bet it will be good , i never ever to eat japan snack is not good. All japan snack always damn good



Who want endros item call me…!!
*kidding kidding*


Try to express how excited am i but i guess im failed!


Few days before Jea tell to me , she already try nice tea , tew which more good than Dilmah. I used Dilmah for already a couple years , and it will be always my favorite even i think is better than Starbucks tea. Im such a big fans of Dilmah tea and then she said there are more good tea even better than Dilma , im super curious about this tea , is called Ahmad

I said directly to her “WTF AHMAD!?!”
And she have same comment when first time try. But after try she change her mind even name is not cool but the taste of tea is cool. She suggest me to try , because i curious she said it much better than Dilmah with uncool name , so i curious and give try.

Buy 2 type of Ahmad Tea
English breakfast



Even the name is Ahmad tea , i think is not from Arab or something. Is from England , a bit shock uncool name is come from England.


A bit shock when i open my english breakfast tea i think they are tea bag , but they not tea bag , so its come with normal tea without bag ( seriously i dont know how to call typical tea like this) .

I already try , yeah what Jea said is really true , is much more better than Dilmah , but still my favorite is Dilmah i cant leave Dilmah , and this tea Ahmad is one of my new favorite tea.

Know you have friend Dilmah , you not alone anymore!


Second i get paper mint tea from Ahmad , im big fans of mint so super curious with taste





Different with english breakfast this one is come with bag. I still not try but i guess it will be awesome too like my english breakfast , guess paper mint and lemon together it will be super fresh and awesome!




Beside get normal tea for weekday , i get some special tea. I said it special tea because is latte green tea. I think is special because for my case i only drink green tea latte when im mood to drink latte. But for normal tea is a must , at least one cup per day i must drinking if not my day it will be not complete.

Get green tea latte from korea brand



Is my first time to get green tea latte , and i think is new product because before i never see any kind of product like this. I still not try this one , but my mom already try and she like it. Is a bit same like green tea latte from Starbucks from what she said.


Whenever is good or not but yeah , is look yummy i bet it good….

Is nice to get new item on mart , try out new thing is bit my habit it thing. So no wonder i know a lot of thing is based from what my grandmother said about me


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