Hi Beri…!!

Hello guysss… dont know what i want to post , super random stuff but feel wanna write something Anyway excuse again my suck post! Just wanna introduce my BERI , my handsome guy , he become official my boyfriend when im home


Yeah he is Beri , sit in living room like boss.



I get him from my friend , my friend get from someone , and she dont want it , and i ask is cute if you dont want it can you give to me? She said okay… So here he is… I bring from China to Bandung. Awesome right!?!

But even is awesome , is not easy to bring him from China. He is super big. Thats why my friend dont want bring him back , but i think is super sad to leave at China , i cant do it. So i do everything i can to bring back , have good price for bring him back but i think is okay because he is super cute teddy bear i ever see!

And more awesome is , my mom love it too! If you stalk my instagram you will see my mom happy like crazy holding Beri. Is super awsome , my grandmom just speechless see how happy my mom . She said my mom still younger. Of course my mom still younger , but not younger than me.

Anyway… Here we go he is my Beri , i just wanna introduce his to you guys. I proud have Beri as my boyfriend only at home. I give his name Beri from Teddy Bear , give him Beri for more easy.



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