Eating Crazy Like Romantic On Valentine


Okay , should i tell you im single?? NO FLOWER NO BOY!
Im not heart breaker because im single , im proud to be single. No? Not really but not upset too being single. I have good friend who accompany me so i dont have time for sad.

Like usually , i just hanging with my girls on Valentine. We plan this dinner super fast , we talking about nothing and than just pop up “What we doing on Valentine?” i asked , because all single , so we dont really have plan on Valentine. And than we chit chat with each other and decide to go dinner together.



Decide to go to Valley Suki , to eat some BBQ and of course Suki. Anyway im not big fans of suki , so i cant eat well suki , i just eat BBQ only. And is really really madness to max. Why? We eating like crazy , we craving for meat so whenever side you see on our table you can easy find MEAT!

Okay me and my girls is same , we really mate lover. No days without meat!



Seriously the meat is super yummy. Absolute perfect meat , meat , meat every where!

“Dear meat , why you yummy? You too much yummy so i cant live without you.”

I just bit shock when that day we came. Why? I think will be a lot of people come there , but no. I wrong. Is not much people when we come that day. Is really weird when we come we dont see a lot people. Maybe because is all you can eat restaurant so nobody who date go to there. I dont know laa


Busy grill meat!

And this how look we destroy our table. Spechles



Have good friend on special date like Valentine is really nice. Even we dont have boyfriend , but maybe is not our time to spend with boyfriend ,  i trust Jesus wanna me to focus spent my time with my family and my friend right now. Im not sad because that , time when i must spent with boyfriend will be come. Maybe next year.

Because we busy to eating we dont talk too much , even we dont talk to much , or we dont talk each other at all. Just feel comfortable. Whenever condition we talk much or silent if we just with each other we feel comfortable. Is hard to have friend who made you comfortable white any condition.



Me with ‘Da Jie’. Hai da jie!



Before Da Jie come and joint with us , selca and selca everywhere



Guess what , i just realize i have tons of pic with Jess , more than with anyone else. Guess because what?No , i dont have special reason why my picture with jess much more than with anyone else





My favorite picture with Jess


You can said is me and Jess only , but we have Jul in this pict , but she really small.
Failed group picture LOL








Always love being dorky with them… Ahahaha we really have a lot of same common



When Nemo should gone. Ahaha im really like to hide her at picture!


And last together picture thx to waiter to take our picture really nice. Really feelnawesome when see result , is really nice , he really can take picture very well. Mostly if we ask someone to take our picture result is not nice , but this one is super nice! He can be pro photographer!




Younger line


Dont forget to selca la



You maybe realize i open all my outware. Why? Is not because i want but seriously that time i eat is super hot. I cant endure hot feeling so i decide to open my outware. Is not look nice lerr


Yeah i have pink hair on Valentine day. Even i dont have boyfriend but i really wanna celebrate Valentine with someone i love. So yeah for Valentine Pink Hair come to me Baby!

Just realize how much picture i have in this post. Seriously i cant pick one , at least all is good all have good memories for me and my friend. Happiness

Hey reader what are you doing in valentine day few days ago? I hope you celebrate it with happy and full of love. But not only share love and happy only in Valentine days , share your love and happy all day if you can. It can made world more beautiful . Is not?


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