[Review] Help My Finger Matte Top Coat

Get mate nail polish is hard , but hellow now we can made by our self!

Yeaps… I just recently get matte top coat , and cant wait for figure by my self. Yeah i already see from some blogger too who review this product and they said is nice. Super maximum curious after read all review , cant wait for figure out by self!




Packaging is not special at all , but if come to Etude it will be ‘something’! Yeah they name , “Help My Finger” i think is sound cute. Yeah is help your finger , made your finger more pretty. If come to Etude you should expect more , and in this case is their name. Super creative

Basically Etude name all their product for finger is “Help My Finger” , like vitamin and top coat. For help my finger series of top coat they have 2 different type matte one , and glossy one. I buy both , but this time i will review about matte one , glossy will coming soon!

Here i have my nail before i using matte top coat


After using matte top coat



More closer

Can you see different? I think is visible. But okay lah i give you compare for made you easy to compare


Yeah is pretty and is work super well! Awsome right? I dont know i think i like matte color , but my mom prefer the glossy one.

Beside work ask matte top coat , change color this top coat can made your nail polish more fast dry. I already try is fast , more fast than u not using top coat but i think is not really fast too. So i dont think the fast dry is the good point of this product , i more like how this top coat can change color to matte

But after all i give good review as matte top coat for Etude. Just curious how glossy top coat will work , i haven try super curious i hope it will be awsesome and work so well like matte one



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