Depresso From Two Cents


The moment of sadness when you realize there’s no more coffee in your cup

What do you think about that? I think for you who coffee lover is right quotes. Dont think so? For my case is right. Just get the cute quotes from Two Cent , one of new cafe in Bandung. Seriously this date a lot of new cafe open in Bandung. Is nice of course! We have a lot of different place to go wasting saturday night.


I can said this place is really nice. They have nice interior , not really big place but still nice. They have two area smoking area and no smoking area. And the outdoor which is smoking area still comfortable same like no smoking area space.









Guess who go with me? Yeaps… No body is Jess… She accompany me to try this place.




She super busy play iphone , and ignore me. But yeah is typical her when she hold gadget ignore all people around her.

Our food



i leave out bean and mushrooms because i cant eat. I dont like mushrooms , almost all mushrooms im not eat


I forget the name drink i order but im suggest not try this one. Taste so weird. Even Jess show her ugly face when she try this drink T_T



Its cute cup , but i dont really understand the meaning..

As you can see their interior is damn nice , and for food and drink i can said is nice. They have a lot of menu , from breakfast till maybe dinner? Im not sure. But i eat is from breakfast menu. You can order breakfast menu whenever you want (even for lunch)

For drink i can said is 2/5 that day. Why? Because that time i order something really weird. Even Jess said is weird. I need time to figure out which drink match with my taste because they have  a lot different type of drink.

For food i give 3/5. I just have some brunch and yeah is bit normal taste not really special la. But still nice they have big portion , so is not that bad la.

Try really hard to drinking all  this weird drink ><




Ugly face show off because drinking weird coffee




After all if you come to Bandung , or you are from Bandung. Drop to Two Cent this place is damn nice and their food is not bad . But you must be aware about what you order , because they have a lot of type drinking coffee or no coffee. But is not all taste is good , some of them is weird. Maybe bccause not my style or something. But if you dare to try out just try.

Good Luck!


PS : this post is not sponsor or else… is made by myself with smile




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