Catch Up Baby!

Always remember person who being nice and to be her/him self when he/she with you

Like you know i dont have a lot of friend , just few friend i always catch up with them. Im not lazy to have a lot friend , i do. I have a lot friend but i only catch up with friend who i think match with me , accept me as i am and when he/she with me she/he became her/him self ( i know i write a lot of she/he sorry!)

Recently im busy , i cant too often catch up with my friend. But i made schedule of course for them , catch up with my friend is my priority too. So even im too busy i will give my time too catch up with my friend even i must cut my sleep time.

Is always happen , when i busy and made my time for catch up with my friend , i will cut my rest time , so yeah im will be extreme tired , but i get all think because i know what i do is good thing , made me happy when i can catch up with my friend.



After im come back from Shanghai , im extreme busy , im ready to finish my target. Of course i have target , who dont have have target when life? I bet all people have target so am i

So what my target? For now i will keep secret i will tell you when im finish my target.

I dont tell you because im afraid maybe i will failed finish my target , my target is must finish is rules number one. But reason why i dont tell you because im still do the best , so i dont want talk too much , before i can see my target at least finish 30 percent maybe?

Is not me too who busy with own life , even my friend too. They busy with their life , so when they have time , i have time we decide to catch up with each other. So here we go , i just recently catch up with my friend , Shanghai Friend.

Why i call Shanghai friend , because i meet her in Shanghai? She my friend who always beside me when i made a journey in Shanghai. So glad still can meet her. Super miss her!



SAM_1657_副本Reason why we can be so close until now , maybe because we have a lot of  similar. We like take a picture object or our self , we like culinary , we like hmmm a lot of think same , mostly. Because our similar is super easy to us match each other.

And most reason why i love with her , i can be who am i when im with her!

Im really big mouth aka i talk a lot , so i talk a lot share a lot of story complain and  she listen all my junk stuff nice. Catch up with her made me miss my life in Shanghai , someday maybe soon i will come back to Shanghai from hate that city to miss that city. Weird


Dafuk , like usually she ‘autis’ with her phone and come back ignore me

That day i dont have a lot of time to talk more with her , sadly. I need to meet my friend so , maybe is only 2 or 3 hours we spent time together , and is not enough. I know 2 / 3 hours is not just wink is enough time to do many thing , but when come to friend who you not meet for 5 month you need more time , at least 5 hours!?! LOL

Just hope i can catch up again with her soon , yeah we already to decide to catch up soon , but still search time for catch up! See u soon in next post my Shanghai Friend

I made this post with 100% smile. XD


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