[Review] Tony Moly Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover

Seriously i always think all make up remover it will be same. ALL SAME. But somehow i sound super stupid said like that , of course not all make up remover same , not all bad either not all bad.

But somehow i always thing all make up remover is same. How stupid i am right?

Stupidnest me made me like this  , so yeah recently  buy Make Up remover from Tony Moly which is one of my favorite brand…


Their packaging is nice and than is super easy to apply.






Because is clear water so is not oily at all. Its really nice , sound good right? No oily , almost all make up remover i buy before is oily , but now is water , it made more interest.

Yeah is really free oily , i dont feel oily at all , but the other thing is take a long time for take up my make up and is not kidding pain , when you by accident touch eyes with this make up remover super pain. Even Jess who already try said the same thing.

You must becareful when apply , specially around your eyes . Dont dare to touch your eyes even by accident because is really pain like hell.

After all even is really new style of make up remover , so far i know. But in the end i dont feel like it . More honest im just disappointed with tony moly make up remover , i think it will be good , because before i never feel disappointed with tony moly product but now , i get this feel.

I just put away this make up remover because all the pain , and seriously is not work very well. Is take more long time than normal make up remover. So far my favorite make up remover still Holika Holika


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