[Review] Collagen Eye Patch Etude House

These day i been lack of sleep because i have been have a lot thing to do and im just cant stop watching leverage , just falling in love this series since this series airing in tv , but i often to skip some of episode so i just directly watching on dvd. I start from season one so have a lot of time to end to season 5.

Because all of that my panda eyes is coming , lack sleep made my panda eye come back , super annoying because is not look cute at all , i hope i have aegyo sall beside panda eyes is not kidding at all is really creepy

But something help me out from my panda eyes style




Its how look like when you open



Eye patch really help me made my panda eye gone , after using for couple days  i feel my panda eyes not ugly like before , its my under eye more bright and moist in same time. Because have collagen and vitamin so its made our under eyes more bright and moist and i love feel when im finish super awesome feeling.

I apply at least when i have panda eyes 2 times per week and its really help you panda eyes gone. Usually i leave until 20 minutes and than i take off , its not take a long time and you can still do some activity like watching , eat , or even blogging hahaha

Let me show you how me before and after



Sorry for my ugly bare face T_T

And here after i apply



I dont know if you can see really clearly the different but yeah  even you can see not really clearly , but trusty me this product is really work , and i love the result feel.

Good Think

  • With collagen and vitamin its made your under eye moist and bright
  • Doesnt have any feel like burning in the eyes even is close enough to your eyes

Bad Think

  • One sheet come with one pear and you can only using one so its bit expensive because you cant made your panda eye gone only try once at least 3 times until you feel the different

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This post 100% made with smile



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