When im really want something i not kidding person , i will be serious person like you know until i get what i want , before that dont ever think i really wanna give up.

But only that think im serious , i mean im not that kind serious person but in that case im serious , but when come to my hair im such a loser person , what i mean is i never keep my hair style for 1 years , i always change change my hair style , from one color to another color , from bright to more bright , and even from short to long hair.

When come to my style hair style or whenever style , even clothes im person who dont have any certainty. I always play with style  even those  maybe some people think is not suitable with me , you more suitable with xx style , i no care. When i really one xx style is what i wear dont care about anything la

But even those im person like that , but yeah when i really wanna change my style i take a long time to thinking , like now. I really wanna remove my extension. Why? Because these day Bandung is not kidding hot , i cant endure Bandung weather now… I just think with short hair its made me more fresh



What do you think me with short hair? Hahahah , its not that much change right? i used a lot time to have short hair , so is not matter for me , but this time i feel unsure about that. Dont know why….





I will decide soon , maybe in end of this month i will have short hair but not sure again , because i said to jess i will have short hair early this month but im not dare to remove , im too much love with my hair style…

Just let see what i will do with my hair style





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This post 100% made with smile


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