Too Hot For Spring

These day i feel so hot , dont know it should be spring but i think is too hot for spring , or because i living in wrong country who doesnt have spring?


Anyway if come to spring what it this is pink , like cherry blossom , something warm like pastel But im not a kind girl who like soft color , dont know why , i such a girl who more like outstanding color kinda like hot pink or neon color its much more me.


Come for spring its hot pink , like very seriously i love how hot this pink. Seriously is really hot! Really really hot , not kidding at all.





Dont know what series is come from , but i think is special edition or something like that , yeah what i mean is not normal edition. But i think you can still grab this nail polish at store or online shop , i see a lot of online shop and store still have this series



If you same person like me , who dont know like pastel or sweet color . People who really more love hot color like pink color grab  this etude nail polish from unknow series number 3. You will be love! Like very seriously….


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This post 100% made with smile



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