Good Time , Good Friend , Good Person

I heard a lot of people complain about this world , about how many thing can happen these day. I agree this world became horrible day by day. We dont have any other choice just face reality , even hard even is horrible but its world we live these day , everything look okay even bad thing is look okay these day.

Maybe you curious why suddenly i write something hard thing like these…

This happen because few days ago someone cheat on me , these human said sick and i prepare medicine night before because this human want when i ask if he/she want try usually medicine i eat while i sick. I prepare and i give my time to come to this human place , and seriously he/she look super fine , not kinda person who sick and other thing when i ask i bring it he/she look dont care. Ah i realize i being cheat now….

A lot of bad people made people thing not to good to other….

I feel i cheat and seriously i mad , but when im thinking again maybe because this thing made this world worst. Because good people wanna do good thing to bad people and in the end good people just being cheat and he/she learn and not to be good to other people in short world good people stop do good thing

But should i stop doing good even i being cheat in the end?

Seriously i dont wanna being cheat , who people in this world wanna be cheat? But if i do good thing i thing is okay being cheat is not big problem , of course i will mad. But it will not stop me , when i feel i must do something good i will do , even in the end i mad or sad but at least i wanna this world to be better place , and so to be better place i must started with my self , to be good people , do something good and yeah i bet my life will be good too


“Dont let someone stole your smile or even you good thing because you dont deserve to be bad or even sad. Everyone deserve smile , they deserve to feel happy to do something good even we must agree this world is worst but if we do something bad this world more worst than we thing. Do am i right?”

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This post 100% made with smile


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