Pleasure Memories

Maybe if you ask me which city i love beside my hometown , my answered will be first Shanghai and second Hongkong. These two city i been there , and i just cant forget how i love their city. Super pleasure memories

Living in Shanghai for 1 years , made me have a lot of good memories about Shanghai. Shanghai already teach me a lot of thing always be with me for 1 years made me falling in love , i never imagine i will love Shanghai that much and of course will love Shanghai that much but i do , i miss Shanghai

And one of my memories living in Shanghai is my favorite restaurant called Paulaner , is not from Shanghai but i spent week end at there , eat and enjoy such a awesome food at there

and now we have at Indonesia , is giving a lot of pleasure to have something i have before at Shanghai



Their menu is not different from when i was at Shanghai , but different maybe condition is a lot of different but i cant blame is Indonesia of course different at Shanghai

But paulaner is do a great great job , i mean paulaner Indonesia really do made me have good memoris , is same awesome like at Shanghai , their food is nice of course their service too , i can said is 5/5 i very love with this place even my mom said same thing like me



I forget the name i order but seriously is one of their recomend menu , you can super easy to find this one , and of course come to paulaner i must order beer , paulaner without beer is not same paulaner T_T Because the portion is big enough , i just order one meal and share with my mom , i really bet i cant eat all this one by my self



And of course for my mom is tea , but my mom feel good about tea , she like it even i think is expensive 50K in rupiah for small tea is bit too much




They meat is really well done , i mean super juicy and same time super cripsy and the taste is awesome , is really not too much taste , like too much salty or too much sweet is just at perfect taste

I eat very well even my mom too , she eat more well than me , she forget she on diet for my sister wedding but who care this food is freaking good , i dont even cry about my diet but im not on diet T_T




More mom picture , she look pretty at that time



and my turn





We do a great time together , thx for paulaner give us such a good food , we really do have good time together. Their service is really nice of course they place too i suggest you to try this place you can come to Grand Indonesia , i forget about floor but you can ask to security they will be now… Caooo

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This post 100% made with smile


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