Sushi For Throw Up

You know what , before im not big fans of sushi , worse im hate so much sushi. Im anti fans of sushi but time after time i dont know i became like sushi and its driving me crazy at least one time per week my mouth craving for sushi. Sound crazy right?

But i must feel glad , i have a tons of people around me who like sushi too , so is not hard to ask them for eating sushi. Before im just watching them eat but now we can eat together sound fun rigth?

And this time i drop my self to one of recently japan restaurant at my city. Called Fukusushi. The reason why i drop this place because hmm , they have some special offer if you card holder from some bank you cant 50 % off of course with term and condition.

But seriously you should try . Is really good good deal


I just dump with Jotha here , first plan one of my friend will come to , but she cant made it have some class and stuff. So only two of us with tons of sushi. Sound good right? Okay its realy good at first


Salmon Nigiri one of my favorite at all time!


Dont know the name , but i bet is idako sushi and rest of our sushi im really forget the name sorry




Almost all we order with mentai wonder what? Because we really mentai lover specially jotha. She really like mentai so yeah all order is Jotha choice , like almost. But all is really damn good!



Time to Eat!


So far i can said with special deal this place is really good. Their portion is crazy for two people but for three or four is really enough. Taste too , all thing about fukusushi i can said 4/5. Minus 1 for their service. Like seriously their service is not good not impress me at all.

Okay that for special deal i give that point. But without any deal , i can said 3/5. The price is crazy. Seriously is almost same price like sushi tei , but hello sushi tei is have a lot of good thing better than fukusushi. Sorry for said that. But i think they in different level so yeah…





Last not least me



Just make sure you came this place when their have same discount. It will be good if you come with three person or more , because when im come with Jotha only two of us we really try hard to eat all , and in the end we just take a way the raste. So waste to leave

Fukushi is really easy to find just come to PVJ Bandung. Is around Daiso and Carla , i forget which floor but its really easy to find.

Instagram : Fukidz | Twitter : Fukidz | Youtube : Wejesskidz / Fukidzworld
Business Inquiries : Myairos[at]ymail[dot]com
This post 100% made with smile


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