Rock Pink

When i was child my mom always buy me clothes , toy , balloon etc with blue color. I dont know why before , but now i know she told me that she always come late , so when she want bough me something only with blue color leave even she know im girl mom still bough for me.

No wonder now im kinda blue girl than pink girl. Im bet is normal or no? Even i know a lot of girl outside there grow up with pink but at least is not me. Im blue girl.

But as soon as i grow up , i slowly like pink. Not like soft pink , but hot pink and fusha pink. Anyway you know typical rock pink , i love! And its come to make up!

Recently i love with hot pink eye shadow. I never use soft pink eye shadow before too not me , but hot pink is rock and i bet is cool when im wearing , i feel super comfortable. Even my friend said its look good for me , so i really give more love with hot pink look.


Recently The Body Shop have new series of single eyeshadow. Seriously they color is super pretty. They have a lot of color and long lasting. The texture is really good , of course is the body shop they always have good product.

I already buy 2 color from this series one is this color and second is orange color. Haha i think i buy eyeshadow for summer look , yeah i want buy something lovely color. Said about anything is done see about price is cost around 139K rupiah for single eyeshadow yeah is expensive i know but come to boyd shop i think is range price for their product. Beside you must think about how good this product so i can said is good deal

Okay so now lets see on my eyes how pretty this color



If you apply one layer its became soft color but if you put more color its became hot pink , so for you who dont like hot pink just add one layer is all you need. And one layer of this pink its enough pretty!

So here the final look. I love when i wink people can see my pink eyes. Simple but chick


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This post 100% made with smile


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