Black Hair is What I Need

I never been have black or even dark hair for almost 5 years…. Sometime i miss have black hair! But i dont dare to have black hair.


Just because i know i will bleach my hair again after couple week , and i know im not match with black hair. I know because when im see my old picture with black hair im lock super ugly. So i dont dare to comeback to became ugly again.

But still wanna have black hair sometimes… So what i need is magic!

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Im kidding. Hahaha what i do is just buy some wig with dark color. Is not first time i buy wig , because for couple years before i already buy some wig. So yeah i already have couple wig at my home.

Reason why i buy wig , just because like usually people buy hat , with same function , because they like or because sometimes it will rescue you from bad hair. Because people have black hair wearing cap is too mainstream or yeah some of people tie hair but why not go with wig.

You can rescue your self form bad hair and other thing you can have awesome hair style. Seriously wig always have almost awesome hair style







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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

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Get my self Pinkcoco wig , its super awesome , almost all my wig collection is from pinkcoco. They have a best deal price for wig , depend where you buy , but yeah you can search online and see how great deal they have for such awesome pinkcoco.

Almost all wig i buy is pinkcoco and all is really have great quality so soft easy to take care and you can comb their wig with wig comb of course. And all their wig is super natural , easy to use ah just perfect!

I recomend you if want buys ome wig just buy with pinkcoco , its really awesome , and easy to find a lot of wig only shop almost all sell this brand.

Wearing wig is like discovery new side of me , since i will made all people shock with my hair style. Hahaha specially when im using this for first time , my friend get big shock because is really weird , even me when i see my self for first time with black hair color i laugh so easy , is just not like me. I dont trust what i see..

But this is life sometimes you hard to trust what you see , even you know is true. I know is true is that me , but im still cant believe. Is have fun after all get my self know a lot of side just because simple thing like buy wig.

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