[Review] The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

When im still high school like 5 years ago im super ugly. I never imagine 5 years can change people so different , i no wonder if people personality can change easily but visual? Is hard to get chance at least you borrow a power of medicine.

Of course i want if i can , borrow power of medicine. But at least i can said i not change because that , said like that is not i proud but because im wonder

Wonder why  i can change? Wonder why im so ugly?

Seriously when i come back to see my high school picture , im look so pure , innocent , and wonder by my self when last time im pure , innocent , and of course ugly include too. I lost i get that the point. I lose my pure and innocent but for another thing i get more pretty MUAHAHAHAAH

Few days ago just grab my self hang out with my high school bff , and guess what many of them said im change. I get more pretty MUAHAHAHA and more bright.

I can feel , even my parents said my skin more bright ,  but its not because im ofter go out , everyday i go out like i used before but dont know they said im change . My skin is more white than before and after thinking for a while i guess i knwo why


Yeah i already using this one for 2 almost 3 years. I really love this product so much , even now i get the big size for this. This one is rice water bright cleansing foam from face shop , yeah is can made your skin more brighter , but seriously when i first buy this one im not believe.

I kinda person who dont believe some product can made your skin more more brigther. But this time i guess i wrong this product is really work! I just feel amazing. Is not because i dont like have darker skin but its mostly i more like my self have more bright skin.

Because is from rice water i can guarantee its 100% safety. And FYI rice water is really good , my mom tell to me when she at my age she always using rice water to wash face because its have a tons of good benefit for skin , but im feel so trouble to using rice water wash my face but now i get my self a simple and of course with tons of good benefit for get a flawless skin.





Good think

  • They have 2 size , big one and small one. Just get your self small one to try how awesome this product
  • So soft
  • Smell is really nice
  • Really do great job , can made your skin more bright and flawless
  • Its one of Face Shop favorite product so you dont doubt about how good this product is popular and really favorite

Bad think

  • Its said can remove make up too , but dont expect too much because when i apply this wearing make up , some of make up still on in my face
  • Packaging is a bit boring
  • I forget the exactly price but its a bit expensive if you buy at counter , so my suggest try to buy online.



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