If i flash back , im kinda person who more eat noodles than rice. Im feel surprise about this fact. Why? Because i think i really love rice better than anything. HAHA weirdo

Anyway i just addiction with ramen from hakata ikkousha. I can said is really new store at Bandung , yeah its really quiet nice. Super nice. I not lie i even go eat here 3 times for a week. Im seriously addiction with this ramen. And my favorite Chicken Shou Tam Tam ramen. Is super crazy delicious




I really love this place , the ramen is best ramen in my town i guess for now. But the thing i dont like is their chairs. They have super uncomfortable chair. You cant sit at there to long , if you do your butt will be hurt because when i first time i go here , i sit at there like 4 hours because we busy to chit chat. And my but is seriously pain no kidding at all

But beside that i like all about this place , food is really good , service is really nice. And they have wifi , which i know recently

My favorite one Chicken Shou Tam Tam



I dont know what you think , but when i see first i think is small portion. But i get wrong , i feel super full after eating all. So the portion is big enough. And all think in this ramen is damn good. I dont want lie , everything is super perfect. So damn good. Argh…. Loking this pic again made me wanna go to there again

Okay i must agree i became crazy because this ramen T_T

And my mom get Chicken Noodle




They made this noodles quiet interesting. Even us ask to waiters how to eat this. Is not my favorite because is not spicy , but i think is still nice

Chicken Gyoza


And last my favorite one , chicken gyoza i bet if they sell for portion only 10 K i can eat for hundred. Is so good. But yeah is expensive for only chicken gyoza is cost 34 K but yah since is nice i let it go.

Not made any single picture , because im super tired = ugly. So just manage my mom picture HAHA




I guess we eat so well! HAHA


Im highly recommend this place for eat ramen. For me this ramen is really best ramen in my town for this time. Seriously if you come to bandung or you from bandung , try this one.

I give 5 out 5 star for this ramen shop.  They have nice server , nice food and i can said their place is normal price for ramen shop in Bandung. But after all yeah im been crazy about this ramen even for now i still love and not tired to eat this ramen HAHA

Hakata Ikkousha

Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 172, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Instagram : Fukidz | Twitter : Fukidz | Youtube : Wejesskidz / Fukidzworld
Business Inquiries : Myairos[at]ymail[dot]com
This post 100% made with smile


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