Short Sweet Escape

Seriously i promise to my self that after my last post before my future post is about review something good.
I already prepare for that all but somehow the ‘feeling’ is gone , i just dont want anymore and yeah so i just tell you about my short sweet escape.

One of my friend from Shanghai come to Bandung visit me , we actually have plan go to Bali but because some and other reason we change our plan , we will go to Pangandaran , which more popular these day for local people or even for foreign.


Im seriously happy about my short holiday , how hetic big city already made me stress full , so have short holiday like this is really help me out forget everything.

Just manage our self check in at Sun In Hotel which one  of my best friend suggest , and yeah its nice their service. But the thing is i dont like the room is more small than i expect so a bit uncomfrotable.





Not much people at there because its not high peak of holiday so seriously i feel like this hotel is mine , specially the pool , feel like have a big private pool , which is awesome




Excuse for messy room , i just few second after i leave our room kinda this messy. And of course you can spot jea here because she go with me muahahahaa



Bathroom  , nothing special in this bathroom kinda normal bathroom but the thing i like is really clean and smell is nice too. Im kinda freak out with unclean bathroom its made me wanna trow up , and dont want to take shower.

We get our room at first floor so its really close to pool which is the thing i like , and other thing maybe nothing. What i write this time excatly? I really dont have any idea.





Just spent first day with chilling on pool , enjoy sunset. I not manage a lot picture because im busy with my holiday , like seriously! When i go out i leave my camera at room hotel. Just feel wanna enjoy this holiday , talking with friend and playing like no tomorrow


Chilling time!







Seriously im freaking enjoy this holiday , its my first lady holiday i think so far. And all is not perfect this holiday but still the best. Reason why i said is not perfect because im fall when i was try to climbing and is freaking hurt even until now! But still the best of the best la!

And eumm… i dont know how to do with my hair , its kinda ugly in same time dont know what the hell color with my hair , its just happen after the purple fade away , going to be grey which is people thing is cool but i dont this so.

I will get another hair style as soon as possible

And that al i dont know what should i write again , just that for now. Maybe latter i will write more and more about anything i want hha , for now its that all anyway just wanna you to know im happy now.



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This post 100% made with smile


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