Opition Surprise Responsibility

Life is one of ten im getting on , seriously if you share about life with me im will super easy into to. Dont know why its something interesting for me. Life and their thing

When talking about life , life is something you cant imagine , you cant expectations. Full of surprise ,which one or bad. But life is always like that , even its bad or good that two thing is really amazing for me. That two thing which made me like me now… Even i cant deny i hate bad surprise its always full of sadness

Come to surprise and expectations.  I just got my new hair style. I chang the color of my hair which i dont like because the purple already fade away come to grey which is not good one grey so i change it. My first plan i wanna come back to my blonde hair , kinda my ‘normal hair’ for me.

But plan change because i dont have any color again , so just what i have just apply. I imagine it will be orange or at least hot red , but its not like i want

Its became dark red. I dont really like it , actually i want have hair color which like dark red or yeah red wine but i doubt it will be good because its typical dark color and its not me for my opinion. But its what happen , even my mom said is not too dark , for me its really dark.



I know how became like this. I put the wrong color and mixing. I usually not using that mixing but because its only one i have and i dont care anymore , i want as soon as possible change my hair color so just do it.

Even me dont know how it will became and how i will feel in future , but because its i want i just do it without thinking twice.

Its just like simple case about life. Sometimes in your life you know how you end , how bad surprise you will get , but you still do it. For me its not fault , at least its what you decide at least try to take responsibility. Responsibility its the hardest part of life. Not all people can do it.

So just decide what you really want take good or bad surprise and enjoy with everything you life. You only life one , thinking what you made happy , reduce all what you thinking about what people thinking about you. More focus what you thinking about you self. You living for you not for other people


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This post 100% made with smile


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