[Review] Etude Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel

Lately my skin is became dry. The reason is because the weather is not kidding hot , i  never feel my city will became that hot its first time maybe because that my skin get shock and became dry in same area. Because of dry i became less wearing wearing make up , because if i too much make up my dry skin more show up. I dont like that

But i get some help from Etude. Its called Aloe Moistfull Sooting Gel. If you know the Natural Republic Aloe Vera Sooting gel which popular , is have same function.



Actually i been bough this for a couple years i started to using first but for some reason i just stop , but these day since my skin get very dry i apply again. And seriously its really help. I can feel my skin more moist after couple day , and than before i apply make up i always using this to made my skin natural glow

Beside for skin you can using for your hair when your hair get dry using couple times and its becamse smooth day by day. More than that you can use for your nail too. Is awesome right? One product for a lot function





Even before i already mention in one of my video about month favorite , yeah its been my favorite item recently. Dont worry if you have sensitive skin i high recommendation this product , is really good for dry skin and sensitive skin.

I give you tips , put this in your  refrigerator apply with cotton plants to your face keep for 5 minute is really good for your skin its feel super nice

Good thing

  • Beside you can using for face you can use for your hair and nail too
  • Super moist
  • Really recommendation for dry skin and sensitive skin is really help a lot

Bad thing

  • Actually this product its same with natural republic aloe vera soothing gel , but still natural republic still more function and more moist
  • Come with small bottle
  • Packaging is just so so


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