[Review] The Body Shop Deep Sleep Essential Oil

Get hard time to sleep but when wake up its more hard , is my big problem of my life. Problem which never can solve. Seriously i hate to die this condition. I been try to solve this problem at least not more worse

SAM_5279_副本This one caled deep sleep essential oil from body shop , its show easily right is essential oil which can made you more easy to have deep sleep.  I dont know what mean about deep sleep in this title ,  made you easy to sleep or made you relax when you sleep.

But for me its kinda made me more easy to sleep. I can feel it when i smell i more relax and wanna sleep as soon as possible. What you need is only few drop and you can sleep like no more tomorrow haha.

One thing i dont like about this , when i try for first time is really work , but smell is weird. I cant explain how kinda the smell but its weird smell. Is kinda smell you never feel before. But seriously its really work , at least for me , is reduce my time to sleep , i get sleep more early than usually.

So for you who have some problem like me , and wanna solve maybe you should try this one. Is really work for me. Is not like work directly , but after couple day you can feel different

Good thing

  • Work very well , is made my self sleep early
  • Packaging is really nice and safe

Bad thing

  • Smell kinda weird smell , but when you used to feel this smell it will be okay


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