EST 2011

Its been 3 years i living with this blog , time really go fast right… only few days my blog will in 4 years….

Actually i dont remember about my birth day blog , but i pretty sure i been blogging is a quite a bit long time , its more long than i expect will be. Honestly in this chance i wanna share you a bit about history my blog. Why i decide to made blog until now i really wanna keep going.

I remember the first time i really wanna made blog its when im junior high school , that time i decide to made blog because i think its reall cool and i like writing so yeah lets made a blog. But its just for couple month , after that i get boring and forget my blog.

High school. I remember how i enjoy my life school everything its really fun but in same point i have condition i wanna run away from reality and that’s blog come back , is started writing about my life , my problem , in short world you can said i made cyber diary. And yeah its only for couple month too , after that i boring and forget it.

So yeah i really have couple blog before this , and dont ask  about my previous blog , seriously i dont even remember what my previous blog , but for sure i know i write tons of junk! But that time i really have fun doing that.

2011 come , i started thinking to made serious blog , blog i will maintain until forever. Blog that its not about me , about anything like what i like , what i dont like , etc…

My Little World its born 2011. As you know why i said its my little world because its a part of my world , my life. I share what i want , i writing what i see , everything is about what i do and what i see with my side. Started to not care about people its just party i can to be my self without thinking anything. A side of world that i can run away from anything who made me wanna die.

Photo 07-11-14 23.29.17

Before i starting blog , i silent reader for tons of blogger , most of blogger i follow is from Singapore. I will mention name okay , i fans of yutakis , until now i still fans of him. He really handsome , his blog is really interesting and his picture is DAMN GOOD!

Big envy of him , and because of him actually i thinking to not doing bloging anymore even those i promise to my self this blog is not like other previous blog , i will keep maintain until this site down. I started to doubt about my self because i can do like he doing , i dont have pretty face , i dont have ideal figure , and most of all i dont have any kind talent like his talent. Slowly i feel became small and small.

Until one time i found a lot of blog , which dont have any high picture like Yutaki does. Its just typical ordinary picture with ordinary life style but somehow i like it.

Photo 07-11-14 23.30.22

And i decide to do with my way , blogging with my way. Writing like i always do , take a picture like always i do and edit as i can.

Even i know all of thing is not perfect but its okay. I choice to deal with my self with tons of not perfect thing. I deal it. But even i deal with my condition but i take some not , as long i put more effort , to be better of my self , its okay. Its okay to be not perfect as long i grow.

Its what i always to my self when i down , maybe you can do it either. Everybody can do , its not matter to be perfect but its really super important to be grow , to be better.

Right now im happy , even my blog is not popular , but every times i gain some follower , some like , and many many more. So i happy because i now its because of me. Because of me this blog became more live , its already 3 years this blog alive because me , i hope this blog will live with me until FOREVER.

Photo 07-11-14 23.33.56

Photo 07-11-14 23.32.00

“Is not about became perfect , its about grow , grow to be better person as you are”

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This post 100% made with smile


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