Lately my sleep time come back to worsty time , still cant sleep even 3 am , and in next day i wake up really late. Seriously as soon as possible i must change my time sleep , because if it take to long it will became trouble for me. Hope it will be not take a long time .

Come to thinking its because im overdose of coffee , lately my body its getting weak i hope its not because i getting old. Before whenever i drink coffee even its come overdose i can still sleep in night , but this time dont expect i will sleep. But even im drink only one cup i get totally hard to get sleepy , like i feel i dont have any interesting with sleep but in the morning i get hard time to wake up. Such a suck.

Speak of age , i became freak out , im at age is not young anymore but not old , i change every aspect in my life. Is not like teenager anymore i  can said like that. But what me freak its… if i am already to be old as my age.

I mean im 21 this year so its all thing in my life already like im 21? How i thinking , how i pick friend , how i live , etc etc. I hope its already became more mature. Even i know im not perfect but still thinking to grow up is not bad right?

To change its really easy but to grow up to be better person is all human proble. Isnt?


For that i all i get new cute , for kinda feeling find my self more better , give some new vibe on my life. Change hair style is what you need.






Its take me few days for decide to get new hair cut , i really wanna have fresh look . but still feel bit sad to leave some of my hair , but in the end i just cut everything out and get a fresh look.

Feel a bit happy with this small change in my life , i kinda feel more younger in look of course , and totally feel more lovely? Hahaha just kidding…. But for sure i like my new style , give some a younger vibe , thing that i been missing lately….



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This post 100% made with smile


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