More Video Update

Hellow guys… hahaha i think some of you maybe shock or what , what happen with me im really into to cyber world. I must admit i take more video , post more , eat more , stay at home more , and more more became indoor person than before. Yeah its me now….

Just wanna share you some video that i upload recently hope you can catch up if you dont have youtube account or you not subscribe me

First its my unboxing video from xia , i kno its old singel of him but still because im just recently buy i will share you my unboxing singel , which im personal like this singel OMG JUNSU SO HANDSOME!!!!

Recently i watching A TONS like i mean drama korea , and japan. And because i been away from review some drama i have some drama you maybe like , some of them you should watching , like really you cant miss it!

Discovery Romance Review

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This post 100% made with smile


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