[Review] Maybelline Color Show Cherry On Top

I miss cherry…..
Its winter , time to feel chill a little bit , more calm down , more cool… But still miss how warm and happy summer it is.

Talking about cherry , i dont like cherry just i know how cherry its have cute adorable shape which i like so much. I hope im not the only person in this world who like cherry shape but dont like the taste. Like hell cherry taste is really weird , its not like fruit its more like medicine (or because all medicine i drink when i was kid its have cherry taste , so i hate cherry that much?)


So cherry….. Recently i bough the new maybelline collection its color show. Seriously the new collection maybelline color show its really awesome thing , i bough a bit a lot their product since im feel curious about their product.And this time i talk about cherry on top lipstick.



Packaging is kinda boring , try to became elegant but for me its just so – so. Dont have any special feeling to see the packaging. But enough good for drug store.



And come to swatch this product its really nice , the real color its almost same. Its kinda red pink cherry color , Which is pretty for me , is not that dark but its enough to said that its cute.

And this lipstick like the said cherry on top , its have smell of cherry. Not kinda smell you will throw up , but the smell is really soft that made you okay to apply and feel its good to smell twice and more and more…

So check in my lips for now…




When i apply its dont have sticky feeling at all , its bit glossy of course its not mate but not too much glossy. And the thing i like , when i apply i feel light. Some of lipstick i bough these day , when i apply i feel something weird in my lips but this its really light , i feel im not using lipstick at all. Fall in love with this one…

And seriously this lipstick i been apply almost everyday , not typical of winter season but for sure i love it , so who care about season when i love?


Good thing

  • Color is really pretty its almost same when you apply
  • Its cheap because its come to drug store product
  • Long lasting enough
  • Feel so light when you apply
  • Have a cherry smell which so sweet.
  • Not to mate , either not too glossy.

Bad thing

  • Packaging kinda boring
  • They dont have a lot of type of color


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