[Review] Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Have you ever thinking your self is really dumb ass!?!
Yes i do , a lot of time , i thinking how can i became that dumb…

So let me explain why i thinking im became dumb ass. Maybe last year , i bought some bb cream from holika holika , i get hard time to get this one , because we dont have at indonesia holika holika , even bought online holika holika product its rare , mostly they sale is holika holika mascara , which i dont really into to mascara.

But somehow i end get holika holika from my friend , friend shop. I know that bb cream its really good ,all blogger and youtuber talking about how damn shit good this product , but somehow i end to not use for almost one year!

Stupid? Of course….

First i wanna so badly but after i get i just put away. And few month ago i get my time to manage my make up thing , and than i found that product holika holika aqua jelly bb cream , and that feeling come! I wanna again…. I try and shit , this one is damn good!

The texture is like the name aqua jelly bb cream , so texture is really like jelly , which made me amazing when i try for first time. And after apply , shit i love it!

Level of moist this bb cream its really perfect , FYI these day my skin getting very dry , so what i need its some make up which have high level of moist and this one have. But even this have high level of moist the result is not glossy is mate which kinda make up style i like these day .Talk about covered , this bb cream have medium covered , enough impressive for class of bb cream.



Even the packaging its really cute , is really like jelly. Which something i thinking to try eat this one. But of course i never do that , at least i wanna die soon maybe i will do.



All the best thing is come in this product , thinking back again. Why i using this product recently , where i have been before? Stupid me. Anyway this product really safe me from dry skin , now i feel my skin is somehow getting better , of course the match make up , its help my skin condition now.

In the end its became my favorite makeup product…








Good thing

  • The level of moist its really good for you who have dry skin or combination  to dry skin
  • Even have high level of moist the result its not mate
  • Easy to blend
  • Long lasting
  • Medium covered

Bad thing

  • Its hard to get , because in indonesia we dont have holika – holika store
  • Low SPF only 20
  • They dont have a lot of variant type shade


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