Avalokitesvara Temple

You know have family which is buddhism and grow up in christianity school is not easy. Sometimes i got confuse to decide… Even until now….

But i let it became like that , i dont want thinking too much , just think what happen now , enjoy as i can and let GOD decide ending of my story life

Talking about religion , last week ago my mom wanna go to temple at Banten is super popular is what my mom said. But seriously its my first time go to temple outside Bandung and than its my first time my mom visit this temple too. So both of us dont know how we can find this temple , we just using waze to find this temple


Its called Avalokistesvara. Because both of us dont have any idea how look like and where this temple , all because my mom like crazy mention that she want go to popular temple in Banten, In first she even dont know the name , so i ask to my lovely bunny sweety smart MR GOOGLE to find out.

And ta dah we find out , even at first time i even get wrong way because signal phone is getting bad and bad. But somehow we manage find this temple. Super amazing because is really far and how we get it is not kidding the street is typical street you want go to village , for this big temple is kinda hmmm not right.





For sure this temple is really huge . I never go to temple this huge and they have a tons of  God we even dont know the name and what He doing. But in the end what i do is just pray and feel bless with all i get until now.

Because i too busy to pray because they have a lot of place to visit for pray , so i dont manage to take how look like the end. But its super amazing temple. I never know in kinda place have such awesome temple like this.



Honestly after i finish pray actually you can ask about something , if you like pray at temple you will know my mean. I dont know how should i called in english but yeah anyway is kind after you finish all ritual you should do , they will give you chance to ask one question about anything… And you will get answered

I do , because i curious. And the result its super awesome. After that i pretty sure im happy like crazy because i know the answered and what should i do next. So my mom said we should come back to this temple again someday , and i cant wait to do that!


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This post 100% made with smile


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