[Review] Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Stick

Its my confess , before like a few month before or at least almost 1 year before , i obsess with dewy look… Its look you have super healthy skin without too much oily. But now eum… is kinda not my style anymore. I more like matte finish without not too much shiny

But yeah…. Since i became freak out with dewy look i bought a lot of make up product that can help you to have dewy look. And one of my make up product that i bought its Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Baby Glow Stick , okay that a long name.. Anyway is come from Nymph Aura line which at that time Sandara Park from 2NE1 Became their model for this product line.

And she super duper pretty at that time. With dewy look she errr kill me with her pretty. Cant believe that come from Etude House. So without thinking twice (like usually) i bought it.



Packaging is super handy , and friendly for you who traveling a lot. With stick style so you can apply super easy to your part face wanna look shine , you chin , your nose , your cupid bones , or anyway you want to look shine. You can apply with this. Out standing right?



And its shine well. For me who almost have normal to dry its come out really pretty. LIke you have healty skin. But when my skin change to be normal to oily its not working that good. I feel it bit too much for me. So i dont suggest you who have oily skin to use this one. You will became oil refinery tank T_T

Good think this mini thing glow stick its long lasting , even im not wearing everyday but i bet i almost wearing for my nose since my nose is not tall. At least already 1 year 1 month and still go on. This one is long lasting , because all you need is one one swip and you have shinny skin

But the think that i like , sometimes its gone really easy. Only maybe around 3 hours my dewy make up look already gone. Its not long lasting. And for some of you who dont like product have ‘weird’ smell maybe this one is not right for you. Because when i smell it this product have something ‘weird’ smell. I dont know how to describe but its ‘weird’ after all.

Good thing

  • Very light , so its easy to bring whenever you go
  • You can long lasting to use
  • Packaging is really cute and handy
  • Shinny very well

Bad thing

  • Stick on you face like 3 hours
  • Is not for you who have oily skin
  • Have ‘weird’ smell

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