Candle Lite Soft Cotton Blanket

Maybe last month , yeah lats month i run out of candle. My favorite Yankee candel , which i have been talk it before , and when im come to IKEA i see they sell candle too , and at that moment i try smell , smell is really nice. I like smell. But when i try at my home , is sucks.

Is take to long long time to feel the smell. So i kinda upset and wanna buy Yankee candle , but that damn stupid candle now is freaking shit expensive. I never remember if Yakee candle will that expensive. So i just stick to my ikea candle.

But yesterday i see at shop , they sell a lot of candle beside Yankee. And one of them smell really nice at that moment , i mean at store. So i try to bought since is not expensive is like 10 box



Im not sure if they have the small one size , but im pretty sure they have , even im choose the big one.

Seriously…. i made falling in love with this smell. Shit its freaking awesome smell. Like soft cotton blanket , super soft , calm , but in same time make you feel comfortable. I like it.




And this smell not made you sick. Some smell even from candle sometimes made me sick because i smell out to long. But this one is not. I Bought already one week and i mostly smell everyday and not made me sick. I feel super comfortable. Like you take nap in super cozy cotton blanket

For you who really like candle with nice smell , you can choice this one , is more cheaper than yankee and smell is not bad. Im pretty sure Yankee candle have much more nice smell but this one not bad thinking is cheaper so take a deal with that.


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