[Review] NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Abu Dhabi

Dont know why recently i became such a junkie drug store product , such as mayberlline , revlon , nyx , and more…
Before i bet i dont that much bought their product but this month im kinda crazy come to drug store product. I more excited with them better than other product

So please pardon if recently you will see my review is about drug store product. Because im became junkie about their product. Ups!


Got my self NYX soft matte lip cream Abu Dhabi. Honestly im not plan to bought Adu Dhabi one , i want the other series you now kinda bright color. But when im come to shop they dont have it. Only this one in their stock. I dont interesting at all , but whenever la i ask about sample. And they have it.

And when i swatch ulalaa….
Is not that bad all. I mean in my case is not bad , almost same with my original lips , maybe for you sound boring. But for me is interesting. Have lip product its almost same color with your lips but give different vibe , which in this case is matte.

Nice thing this product have smell which is really good. Like coffee with chocolate. UH! I mean , its really nice smell. Smell for me driving me to addiction to using everyday.




You can said i madly falling in love with this product. About color is really perfect , their texture of matte of course is such a perfect matte , and last the smell is really nice….

But even i give a tons of good about this product like seriously , i have hard time to wearing this lip cream. Because the color is almost same with my original lips , so when i dont have heavy make up , my make up look will to plain if i wearing this leap cream.

And if my lip in dry condition matte lip cream , is not good choice because is made you lips more look dry and is not good….
But its not this product fault its because my problem. But over all this product must on list if you kinda person who like matte lip product

Good thing

  • Smell is really nice
  • Packaging is really nice and is travel friendly
  • Color come out very nice
  • Have nice matte finish
  • Come with a lot of color

Bad thing

  • If you lips in dry condition wearing this only made your lips more look dry

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