[Review] Etude House Fig Mask Sheet

When im was kid i always wonder why my mom always put make up whenever go out or even no go out still at home she will wearing some simple make up

But now i kinda understanding my mom a little. Now i cant go out without make up. Is feel strange go out without make up , but if im extremely lazy i just put really basic makeup. Only eyebrow and i ready to go.

If my condition is not that worse i will put some makeup , not heavy of course just simple make up. But i got another problem. Im became super lazy to remove make up. Give a not when im come back late i know i will never remove my make up , i just go to my room and directly sleep.

When i got that condition in other day i actually replay how cruel my attitude to my skin. And what i do is put extra care like using some mask. If usually i only put mask 1 or 2 time per week , at least when i put extra care i will do like everyday mask until my skin come back to normal condition

Talk about mask i been try a lot of mask , from a lot of type but i like is in general clay and paper mask. I more like clay because i dont know sometimes when im using paper mask is not suitable with my face size. But its easy to take off better than paper mask

Recently i bought Etude paper mask alphabet series. My older sister ask me to try because is really nice


SAM_6094_副本I got my mask wit F for fig. So they said this mask sheet contains fig extract to brightening up dull and exhausted skin to became clear and soft. For you who dont know Fig is Fig is Ficus Carica Fig Fruit Extract.

Like seriously i dont know what kinda like fig its but yeah anyway they said like that


Come to korea product always their packaging is number 1 for extra cute packaging. They have all variant a to z. I really want to try out their type all , and found which one is the best.

Thinking like that i need more time to do that. Because is too many hahaha



Is cover up all my face complete. I like it. And than when im try for first time i feel its so moist. This mask a lot of liquid thing which mean you skin will eat a lot of good stuff.

Is super moist and than , i love the result. I feel my skin is really fresh , moist and bright. Kinda feeling that you skin already full with good stuff. Love it to max.

Good thing

  • So moist
  • Come with different type for different skin problem
  • Packaging is really cute

Bad thing

  • Nothing

Ps : For extra care , before you wearing mask sheet put for a while at refrigerator for give cold feeling to you skin. Its really good either for your pore.


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