[Review] Kiehl’s Abyssine Eye Cream

When i was a child i always think Panda is the cute animal around the world beside dog. I hope someday i can have panda , but yeah i change my mind now. I still thinking panda is cute but to have one , NO THANKS! Baby panda is cute but the giant panda is made me scary….

Even panda is really cute , overload cute but to be one of them is not cute. You know my mean right!?!!


But honestly i have , because i lack of sleep so ta dah! Say hi to my panda eyes. But thx to god these day many product out of there which will help you to reduce you panda eye. In my case i choose from Khiel’s. I never change my eye cream to other brand at least since 2 years ago.

Kiehl’s skin care product its been my favorite. From 2 years ago. If you read my old review you will now how i love their condition too…


Actually my friend who suggest try this one when i was first time have my panda eyes. And yeah i never change since that time. Its been stick on my eyes….

Texture is so good , soft and easy to apply dont have any smell and for some info too is everlasting. At least i need till 7 month to bought new one. Is really good product even yeah is expensive but for me is about invest beauty in future. You dont want to have panda eyes everyday right?

Is reduce panda eyes until is gone. In my case i need like 1 month to see my panda eyes gone. Is really quick because at time my sleeping time still lack but thx to khiels who save me from panda eyes

Honestly i never try any eye product from other brand because first time i buy eye cream is this. But i have big reason why i never change my eye cream , because im feel its really good work on me very well. Why i should change to other brand if this brand is working super well right?

So i dont know about other brand , im curious to try out.  But for now , for you who have panda eyes and how your panda eyes gone , you should check this one , even is expensive but seriously is GOOD!

Good thing

  • Made your panda eyes gone
  • Easy to apply
  • You can use for 6 til 7 month , is everlasting
  • Travel friendly

Bad thing

  • Expensive


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