Magic Maccaroni

I think all people will agree with me , almost all of them. When you hungry in midnight only think you will do is cook some instant noodle… Me either , instant noodle is BFF me when im hungry in midnight but became super enemy when i see my weight.

But sometime you can became sick with noodles… Me either and than when that time i will searching something instant beside than noodles.

Recently i got my self some macaroon instant. I bought because is totally freaking cute


Im falling in love with packaging. Hahaha they said what you need is only add some margarine and milk and ta dah! You got awesome macaroni cheese.

Im fans of cheese so i cant wait to try out….



Beside macaroni they come with cheese sauce mix and than how you cook. Is super simple , even took more time than noodles but it think is okay to come back this one is macaroni cheese


Get my self butter salted one because is my favorite. And cook like they said…. Is simple but take more time but like i said its okay







They come with cute shape thats why i bought. And somehow the finish picture is gone. Is my personal problem. I should take care more… But anyway… Is pretty good

Cheese is so strong. You cheese lover like me will be totally falling in love with this one. You know what i really suggest you if one day you became sick with noodle in midnight you can try this one. Because is really easy to cook , taste really nice and simple

I forget how much i bought this one but is not expensive and you can bought at local store. Hope you like!

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This post 100% made with smile


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