[Review] Etude House Rose Tint Lips 1

What do you think about red lip? Strong? Brave? Sexy?
For me is sexy. Sexy is strong and which mean you brave either to show that you really strong….And thinking to red lip i also thinking about taylor swift. She really hot and sexy with lip red

But even like that not all girl will brave enough to wearing red lip. At least for me too. For first time i dont have any brave to wearing red lipstick is something ‘too much’ for me. And that time i try to ombre lip , which super popular at korea.

You have some bright color in center of you lips and just a bit of the rest. Usually typical lip like that will be awesome if you wearing some lip tint


Like maybe few month ago i got my self this lip tint from Etude. Is read and is super bright and hot color. Is really match with you who really like ombre color like korea singer or actres


Its from series rose tint , number 1. I already heard a lot of time that this lip tint is really good. Actually i already bought for few month ago but just decide to blog now. Hahaha sorry for super lazy me

When people said how good this product , i must agree with them. This one is really nice. Color is really pretty , texture is really good not made your lips dry even the texture is matte , and most important is really easy to blending. So for you who really wanna ombre lip like korea people just go with this one



Come with applicator made you more easy to apply ombre look… And seriously color is really pretty


You dont need retouch. Because when i eat still have some color in my lips. Is more long lasting than i expect even color come out really pretty. No wonder is one of the best lip tint that etude have…

For you who doesnt like red like this , they really come out with a lot of different shade you can try by yourself. And if im not wrong number 8 is their best seller like this one.

Good thing

  • Color come out pretty
  • Texture is really good , even is matte doesnt make your lips dry
  • Everlasting
  • Come with applicator make you easy to use
  • Travel friendly
  • Come with different shades

Bad thing

  • Packaging is look cheap
  • Is seasonal product

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This post 100% made with smile


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