Cheese Season

Its been a while since im not hang out in Bene…
Dont have any special reason , just because im stick with Starbucks and i forget about bene. Recently i made my time come back to bene again , and since that time im stick with bene… T_T


Hong chul became bene icon for this time. For you who dont know about him , he is mc and comedy from korea. He quietly famous at there. And i found he really funny person

Wintermenu-kogiaThey have cheese for this season! I dont know until when they will have this one , but last week i come back again they still have , so is not called season 2014 but 2015…

Im already try triple cheese foundue and peppermint mocha its super awesome. I falling in love with both of them… The cheese one is super cheese. For you who really love cheese you should try its really like poision but good.

And because i like almost all drink with peppermint i like mocha peppermint. And my suggest you should try misugaru based with any kind of peanut they mix together. For first time maybe taste a bit weird. But after a while you used it you became addict at least for me its like that. Taste really unique and more tasty server with hot better than cold





Full of cheese and bread is really cruncy. When i was try for first time i like woaaahhh how can it became super good like this? Is really good , im serious.


Come her with jess. Just only both of us. Duh…. Since she became available aka single she have a bunch of time with me now. Feel weird after a while we never hang out together that often…

Honestly i feel good either


SAM_6365_副本Some random shot that jess take for me. Im not in style to show my face at that time… But yeah since is already happen just share you some of my face



Random shot i take because i found it cute. But after i think is just my own joke


“Im so hot , baby!!!”

So for you guys maybe already sick with starbucks need another coffee shop , you should try bene they have new menu since we always think bene only have bingsoo , and maybe you can try peppermint mocha they new drink or misugaru

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This post 100% made with smile


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