[Review] NYX Pore Filler

Because recently i aware that i have big pore this time , so i just directly grab some make up which reduce my big pore. Get my self nyx pore filter





Packaging it self is so plain , simple , light , and after all is not interesting at all. But its maybe because i bought a lot korea product cosmetic which have packaging overload cute so this one is not kidding att all BORING

But anyway let forget about packaging and go to how good this product and how look like



Texture is really weird for me when you squeeze some amount it will be look crumbly or in short word for me is disgusting feeling , but surprise when i apply is light , easy to blend out and cover very well.For finish look its totally mate , so for you who have oily skin this good product for you for cover your oily skin since it claim can made your skin oily free

What you need is only apply before you using bb cream or foundation all over your face , but you can use in some spot you want cover up which have big pore than other rest

For you who have dry skin or normal to dry , dont dare to using this one , because this time my skin getting very dry and i try this one even i have dry skin somehow my pore is big , using this product is not help you at all. Is just made your skin look break out , and look very bad.

But if you to have oily and normal to oily you need this one because it give you awesome finishi like you using air brush make up

And more amazing , this product is long lasting than i expect . I thinking it will be like any other drug store product but it really does amzing , at least i can feel my make up more long lasting than usually like maybe around 5 hours

Good thing

  • Work very well
  • Very light
  • Your make up will be long lasting than usually
  • Oily free
  • It easy to blend

Bad thing

  • Silicon based primer
  • Packaging is boring
  • Not for you who have dry skin or normal to dry skin


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This post 100% made with smile


One comment

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this but I always put it off for another time 😀 maybe its time I give it a shot! great post very informative.

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