Showering is Just Not Enough

“Some days showering is just not enough….”


Many day in one years of course many year for me , showering is not just enough. Bathroom is nice room for feel relax and forget about everything happen that day….

But when your not feel enough with showering what you do? Maybe get some scrub is good choice. Because this scrub provide for you who not enough showering.

Its just happen when i looking around search some product for my hair. This product is feel tada…!!!





They claim is from orignal source scrub , water and for result you get 1 soft and tingly you. Mint and walnut is to be my choice because i like mint so much. Even they come in many different smell but for me i go with mint , mint smell is super refreshing and than is not made you sick for smell everyday

Seriously i never or even know abut original source  , i just bought without any suggest or reading some review. Mostly because all write in this bottle is freaking cute , so i just bought




Packaging is like normal packaging but handy enough for bring everywhere. But mostly i get attention from what they write in the bottle like i said is freaking cute.

When i try this prouduct seriously what i think why smell of mint is really strong. Even for me who really like mint , this smell of mint is really strong. Texture even is really creamy , so dont need much for rest of your body. For result is really nice. Is working very well , and maybe because the first when you apply smell is really strong when you finish smell is more nice and calm , and seriously when i apply in morning i can sense of smell mint in evening. Is everlasting

But for you who maybe dont big fans of mint you maybe dont like like i said is too strong , even my mom said like that. But the scent of mint is made me feel relax and i love it. Is much much better after using for twice time. Normally i using 2 time per week ,  but in lazy condition 1 time per week or maybe 1 time per 2 week. Is depend my condition of lazy.

But i suggest you to apply 2 time per week , to get nice condition of your skin

Good thing

  • Packaging is really cute
  • Come with different smell
  • Come from natural ingredient
  • Texture is really creammy
  • Clean your death skin very well

Bad thing

  • Mint scent its too strong


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