[Review] The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Essence


Just grab some skin care which can reduce my super awesome pore… T_T
Grab this product like few month ago , and i think i can feel good enough about this product so i share with you guys





Basically is essence like normal essence you apply after using a toner , but claim can minimizer your pore and most important is come for different skin type.

For my case i have normal to oily first , and i using this one result is really nice. Is control my oily and reduce some gross oily in my face but when like now my skin getting normal to dry , i still using this one and come really nice either , not made my skin more dry than usually. Make my skin more moist in this dry condition like now




Packaging is good  , i love the design feel elegant come with pump made you easy to know how much you need , even its come with pump cap that made you skin care more safety. But the packaging its made from glass , my mom said is elegant look expensive if come in glass material , it its. But in same time is heavy , heavy mean its not travel friendly…



Come with light texture is very easy to your skin , and it feel moist in same time. For smell this product is have really calm smell , i dont know the name what it its , but smell is really good calm and nice. Kinda smell you want to smelling everytime

Overall i like this product its work in my skin very well , come with nice smell. And its cost like 25 box for essence i think its good deal come its essence and come with 40 ML

Good thing

  • Smell is really nice
  • For all skin type
  • Moist
  • Texture is very light
  • Smell good
  • Come with pump bottle its made easy to use

Bad thing

  • Heavy bottle


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This post 100% made with smile


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