[Review] Bye Bye Smile Lines Beyond

IMG20150220005051_副本Remember Kim Soo Hyun from My Love From Another Star? Yeah… he became super super popular after that drama airing even until now….

Honestly Kim Soo Hyun is not my style , but i dont want to deny he HOT. And recently he became king of cf because how popualar he is in korea or even in china and japan anyway all around asia , so many brand want he became their visual. One of brand come one of beauty line called beyond

I never know is beyond exit or no , first time i see in Hongkong , their have a bunch of beyond skin care product. But what caught me is their mask. Come with adorable packaging made me crazy










This mask is not like normal mask you easy find in store , is mask but for one area , and this teddy bear series is for smile line area which somehow will made you have wrinkle

So here look like when i apply… is super cute and fun to use





its come two side left and right , and apply around your smile line for any wrinkle or for you who dont have cause any smile line or wrinkle.

For me in my age i think i dont need be scare for winkle but i more behave because i dont want have any wrinkle as soon as possible so this product claim it can help to cause wrinkle.

Even when i apply i feel so much fun to wearing  , its easy to apply either even i dont feel any benefit now because like i said before im in age dont have wrinkle so i dont know. But totally its super fun to use


Good thing

  • Packaging is super super cute
  • Come with 3 different type for 3 different function
  • So much fun when apply
  • Come with direction so you know how to apply

Bad thing

  • I dont know its work or no because id ont have any wrinkle now
  • Expensive 1 for 29 HKD T_T

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This post 100% made with smile


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